Thursday, November 3, 2011

Build Up Walls

This evening we began our knee wall construction! YAY!
We have only set up the frame but will continue with drywall later this week :-)

We started by measuring and cutting the necessary boards for the frame

Then came construction of the frame!
We actually nailed the pieces together while it was lying on it's side, but I don't have pictures of that

Just needed to add the top piece and screw the whole thing into the floor (of course there was constant checks to make sure our work was level)

We also started a small side project...

Below is a picture of our oh so beautiful carpet (she said sarcastically)

The giant pieces of dirt are from the saw...we are not messy like that!

In our effort to make the house look like it is from this decade, we began pulling up the carpet

Necessary trash pile picture 

I almost think the plywood floor covered in paint is better than that carpet! 

Stay tuned for continued construction...

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