Friday, August 5, 2011

Guest Room Plans

Well I have been out of town for a little bit and haven't blogged and I am going through withdraw. How silly is that!?!

Our next big project (besides the kitchen chairs) is to work on the guest room in our basement. I am still out of town so I can't post pictures of what it looks like right now, but I think you will be excited. We have an extremely blank canvas to work with. 
The room currently has a slab of concrete for flooring, exposed cinder block exterior walls, and studs showing themselves where interior walls should be. 

The plan is to put carpet down (which is actually rolled up on the concrete right now) and put drywall up.  

So here are some of the things we will be decorating with

First a comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond. It is a Hayley Queen Comforter with fun green, purple, blue and magenta colors. 

Here are some accent pillows we will use



And more Green

I want to paint the walls a combination of White and the Dark Purple...not quite sure if I plan on doing an accent wall or a pattern of some sort. 
There is also this chair from Joss and Main that I love!! It is a Curves Hour Glass Chair shown below in Vintage Shitake - depending on what color walls are or what patterns we do, I will either go with this color or a Vintage Linen that they have. 

The room does not have a closet in it which is great!! I love the idea of using an armoire!! Joe and I have started looking at a few used ones online and I like what we have seen. Obviously, we will have a refinishing session! Again, the color will depend on what is on the walls, or at least in that particular part of the room.
Here are a few that we are looking at...I am just posting pictures because they are from individuals and not companies. 

When I get back home from North Carolina I will post more on the status of the guest room and we will start working on it! Can't wait!!!

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