Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen...Part One

The painting has begun

Joe and I started working on the changes to the kitchen today. We made a trip to Home Depot and bought some things that we needed. 

Magnetic Primer
Chalkboard Paint
Kilz Premium Primer 
And a few samples of some Sherwin Williams colors in Behr Paint (to be shown in another blog)

There were some other odds and ends that we picked up but these were the important things for starting this evening. 

Side note: Ignore all messes! We are using the table as a work station through this and I was also applying mineral oil to a cutting board on the kitchen counter.

Joe first got to work on tearing down the chair rail molding that lined the dining area of our kitchen. 
Some of these pictures are a little blurry because my camera battery died and I had to use Joe's phone for pictures. 
Here, Joe is working on scraping some old wall paper off that was behind the chair rail molding.

While he was working on this part of the room I started working on our chalkboard area. I started with the Magnetic Primer (keeping some helpful hints in mind from Dream Home DIY's  
experience with it!). 

First of three coats applied...a little funky looking

Behind me Joe started spackling with this cool new spackle we bought. When it is wet, it is PINK...when it is dry, white. 

He spent just as much time spackling as I spent painting...except I had breaks in between each coat. 

And of course...what would remodeling be without a little WINE!!
New wine glasses from Janet and Anna, given to me this past weekend during a Bridal Shower

Now back to work...second and third coats were applied to the chalkboard area

Then after about, oh 45 seconds of discussion, we decided to add Magnetic Primer somewhere else in the kitchen. 

First thing I would notice about the picture above is that there is a stove right next to a wall...that is a BIG NO NO!! But that's just going to have to stay that way until we can afford new cabinets or rearrange the existing ones...which I think I can pull off. 
But up to the left we are adding yet another Magnetic Chalkboard area for hanging and writing recipes while we cook. 
Anyone who knows me well, knows that means that the chalkboard there will never be used since I HATE cooking!

During this time we were having a pretty serious storm outside and Max and Capone just couldn't understand why they were not allowed in the kitchen. I didn't want my White dog Black...and I didn't want my Black dog Magnetic!!

So tomorrow I will be at it again. I will start painting the actual chalkboard paint over the primer, I will prime the rest of the kitchen, and I will slap up our four color samples on the wall to decide what will be the base color. 

Then we will begin the mural from there!! 

Should be exciting!!

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  1. Hurray!! And no disaster hands? hahahaha. Your pups are darling BTW :)