Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Project Announcement!!

Joe and I have been looking over the past few months at new furniture for different rooms in the house. One of the rooms we have been looking at is the kitchen/dining area. Today while working at the kitchen table, I had a strand of thoughts. I now know what color I am painting the kitchen, what mural I am painting on the wall and what kitchen table we are using. 
Wait for it...
We are using the old ratty table that I was working at!! 

We are going to sand down the wood part of the table, stain it a darker finish and re-tile the top with a taupe color tile. 

This will accent the light taupe color we will paint on the walls and the blue and green mural I will paint on the wall. The mural will be based off of these new dishes that we have on our wedding registry. Take a look - I love them!!! I love the colors!! I love it all!!!
So, as we start striping the color from the table, putting in the new tile and painting the walls, I will post pictures and updates. Enjoy the ride with us. There will be lots more to come...especially since the ENTIRE house is carpeted! There is no exaggeration to that statement.


  1. AH! We have the same table! But the tiles are black. Can't wait to see it after you are finished and the mural! :)

  2. Black would be nice!! The white shows EVERYTHING!!!

    I am really excited to get started on the painting and the mural. I have to wait a week or so because this weekend I am swamped with wedding stuff. Not that I am complaining about wedding stuff...but once I got that idea for the mural in my head I have just wanted to run with it!!

  3. Oohhhh a mural sounds super exciting!! Cant wait to see it :)