Monday, July 18, 2011


This evening I got to be a one woman wrecking crew. If you need to let off some steam...I have the way to do it! 

We began working on the table project tonight. All we got done was the removal of the tile top. It may not have been the correct way to remove tile but I really enjoyed myself!

But first, a reminder of what it started as...

My method of tile removal was simple...I took a hammer to it! I just banged away until it was done. Take a look

Clean up was not near as fun...but we did it

Now, some pictures from this weekend that I haven't posted yet...

I spray painted a piece of batten molding to go along the seam line between the color changes of the large chalkboard area

I also spray painted the existing plate covers and wall air return to be a brighter white. Some were white and some were beige but they all needed a little freshening. 

Here is the completed and installed molding above the tall chalkboard

There is a Zombie magnet on the wall there

Joe and I also cut some molding for a frame around the smaller chalkboard...unfortunately we were off by just a touch and need to get another piece to complete the frame...but here is part of it!!

And here are just a few more pictures of the area as a whole. We were having some friends over on Sunday, so excuse the items on the table and countertops. 

The center of the table here has a new beautiful vase that Joe's mom got us. I will have to get a close up of this later on.

Items left to complete...table obviously, flooring, countertop restoration and stenciling (instead of a mural - thanks to Michelle's inspiration from Dream Home DIY)

More to come tomorrow!


  1. Hurray for wall stenciling!!! It's gonna look AMAZING. Have you picked one out yet??

  2. I have one that I have been keeping my eye one. It's actually similar to yours but more of a leafy pattern if that makes any sense at all!