Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making Much Progress!

Joe and I have accomplished a lot (or at least what I think is a lot) over the weekend. 

First, I did not surprise him by picking out a color paint for the kitchen. I left the green and the blue both on the wall so when he got back from Detroit we could decide sweet right! Haha
The winning color was 


It definitely is not too blue, which was my concern. The color has a really nice tint of green to it. 

So we got straight to work on painting the rest of the kitchen and dining area.

Then we decided to take the color into the hallway...very daring I know! 
We like to live on the edge

Got down in the nooks and crannies behind the appliances. There was some nasty stuff back there behind that fridge...we quickly took care of the dust bunnies before they could continue their reproduction and take over our house. 

Appliances were moved back into their positions - I couldn't take any more crowding in the room that wasn't necessary!

Then it was some time for some fresh air. 
There were some things that we decided to spray paint instead of buy new. 
The things we painted black I used a Krylon Spray Paint on that works on plastics, metals and woods. 

First I sprayed the existing doorbell cover. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was white with an ugly gold ring around it. A few quick sprays and that was taken care!

Next I painted a few covers black that were going to be in our chalkboard area. We decided that we wanted those to blend in verses standing out white on that black background. 

Here is the black on black we were going for!

Our doorbell cover back in place and standing out nicely

Then it was time to make some changes to the lights!! One of my favorite parts!! 

We changed the kitchen light, dining area light and hallway light. All have an oil rubbed bronze finish to them and look awesome in the new kitchen! 

Tomorrow I will reveal the partially trimmed chalkboard as well as some more daring spray paint adventures...just go with me on that! 
There is still a lot of work to be done...the countertop, cabinets, table/chairs and flooring! The countertop and table/chairs are the project of the next week. We will see how it goes!


  1. Holy cow girl! You guys were super busy :) I really, REALLY love that color. It makes such a bold statement in the room....and bold is always good

  2. I agree...bold is the way to go!! Can't wait to paint the rest of our house!!