Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen...Part Two

Yesterday was another fun filled day of painting...more priming than anything. 

We had to prime because we are covering a very dark red on the lower portion of the dining area wall. 
Yes...there is a lot of clutter on that table!!

We used Kilz Premium Primer to start the process. It took two coats to cover the red and make things "blend"

Then of course I had to break for some cereal, orange juice and coffee from our new Keurig!!
You can also get a nice glimpse of our ugly countertop that will be on the to do list!

Once I had the primer on and it was dried I threw up some colors that are in the running for the base color of the kitchen (does not include any colors that will be in the mural).
Take a look...

At first the darker color was my favorite - the one on the left below

But then I held the new plates up to the colors and realized that the blues and greens I will be painting the mural with will probably go better with the second to last color. The center color in the picture below

As I type now, these colors are still on the wall and I am still trying to decide if I want one of these or if I want something different. 
I do think that I will end up painting the living room that darker color from above. 

Update on the chalkboard areas...
Both Chalkboard painted spaces are dry and complete. We have the large area near our pantry

The we have the area next to the stove for smaller recipes and to do lists

So that is pretty much how the painting ended yesterday. I did get the majority of the kitchen primed (boring pictures). 
Today I will be finishing up priming and hopefully making a decision on the paint color so it can be done before we have guests over on Sunday!!

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