Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introduction to Wedding Bliss

Joe and I are going to get hitched on October 14, 2011. YAY! Seeing that we are only a few months out, a lot of the wedding plans are already taken care of.

We are getting married in an adorable historic building in Towson, Maryland (just outside of Baltimore) and it couldn't be more fitting to our style...well, more my style. Joe was a little more indifferent to the location! 
Please feel free to visit our wedding website at www.theknot.com/ourwedding/joellenhedges&josephmuller

Just a few weeks ago Joe and I had our engagement pictures taken at the beautiful Susquehanna State Park. It was obviously a few months after we were engaged but we were waiting for it to be warm so they could be taken outside. Well, it was definitely warm!! We picked what was probably the HOTTEST day so far this year. Luckily the pictures don't show our abundance of sweat too much! 

 The three dogs even joined us on the bloody hot outing! And to politely introduce our "kids", the white Boxer is Max, the tiny black Boxer is Capone (just over four months in the picture) and the fawn Boxer is my oldest, Roxy

So there is a tid bit of information to get you started. Details on the wedding can be found at the link mentioned early (above). And hold in your excitement, but there will be more to come soon!!!


  1. WELCOME to the blog world my dear!! Im happy to be your very first follower :)

    PS- Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but your up next to select the book club book for August. I'll shoot ya an email a week or so out to see what you've picked out for us!

  2. Glad to have you as my first follower!! I am really excited about this blogging thing!

    And I am down to picking between three books for next month...I hope that the one I land on will be something everyone enjoys!!

  3. You two are adorable! Many blessings to you both! I love the Susquehanna River! My hubby is from Williamsport, PA, and we drive from SC, every year at Christmas, next to the river for many miles till we get to his mom's home. It is beautiful!
    And so are you guys!