Monday, July 18, 2011

Amazing Opportunity

I have a wonderful, lovely and obsessive relationship with Thirty One. 

Thirty One is more than a is a faith based company that offers financial freedom to women but beyond that it offers a family, friends and amazing support. 

I have never had so much fun with a company in such a short amount of time and I have never been so excited about new reveals. 

Thirty One's National Conference was this past weekend, and while I was not able to personally attend, I have heard the stories and seen the pictures. It was amazing. Thousands of consultants attended to learn new ways to manage and grow their business, meet other wonderful ladies and witness the brand new product kick off. 

I watched the product introduction online last night through our consultant website and I must say that I am more in love than ever! They have awesome new patterns, new styles of bags and a new MENS LINE!! I am continually amazed at the response of this company...they listen to their consultants and their customers and act accordingly. If there is something wrong with a product...they jump on it to fix it. If something sells well, they make it more available. 

Above all, Cindy, the founder and CEO of Thirty One, is a follower of God and bases her business off of that. As said above, it's more than a purse...she made that known at the conference. She and her husband work together to spread the love of God to their consultants and it is more than obvious that God is at the center of their lives and their marriage. 

What an amazing opportunity I have been given to work with such amazing people in an amazing company. I am still new to this but I look forward to the coming years and I am super excited about National Conference next year in Atlanta...I will be there for that one!

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