Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thirty One Debut

Today I am preparing for my first Thirty One party which will be tomorrow. I am on a cleaning frenzy in the house and busy prepping all of my Thirty One supplies and displays. 

So now it is break time...and blog time!!

I am big into raffles, giveaways and contests so I decided as a way to promote my blog and my business I would do a little somethin somethin on here!

If anyone places an order online for the Thirty One Debut Party before tomorrow at 7:00pm (July 7th), they will be placed in a drawing to receive a special Thirty One gift!!

Rules to the game...yes, there are always rules! 
1. The order must be $31 or greater - this can be after personalization and tax 

2. The order must be placed online before 7:00pm on July 7th

3. The order can be placed one of two ways

a. As a private retail customer - just go to the website listed below, click on place an order and follow directions from there

b. As part of the Thirty One Debut Party - again, go to the website listed below, this time click on Events, there is an event named Thirty One Debut, if you choose that you can place the order through that party (again, just follow the directions)

4. Once you place the order comment on this post or send me an email directly from the Thirty One website with your order number. The only way to be entered in the contest it to send me your order number

5. HAVE FUN SHOPPING! The products are super useful and super fun!

Visit for shopping and ordering!!

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